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thermondo Developer Handbook

About thermondo

thermondo is a clean tech startup currently employing 600 people. We retrofit heating systems. Heat and hot water rank second in domestic energy consumption in Germany. By renewing heating systems we save CO₂ and fight climate change. Renewing heating systems means that we sell heating systems online and on the phone and install them later. To install the heating systems we have our own workforce. Craftsmen make up half of our employees, the other half is sales, operations, accounting, human resources and IT.

How does software development fit into a craft business? If you want to install not one or two but hundreds of heating systems a month you need to automate. Sadly there aren’t any off the shelf software solutions for that. That is why we build most of our software solutions ourselves.

Table of Contents

  1. Work @ thermondo – Meet our Team
  2. Hiring – How to join us
  3. Code of Conduct
  4. Developer Style Guide
  5. Our Tech Stack

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